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The first product to carry the now famous Brush Mate brand was the revolutionary Brush Mate wet paint brush care and storage system. Since then the Brush Mate Trade 20 has gone on to win the prestigious BDA ‘Best Tool’ award on each occasion since 1997. During that time the Brush Mate Trade 20 has become essential equipment for professional painters and the Brush Mate brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality.

Whilst the Brush Mate Trade 20, together with the smaller Trade 4, remain at the centre of the Brush Mate product range, the range has been extended to include other products such as the Can Handle and the Andy Sandy.

Most recently Brush Mate has introduced the exciting range of EarthBorn natural paints. These paints, developed in co-operation with our German partners, are better for the environment and healthier to use than conventional petro chemical based paints. For more information on EarthBorn paints please visit the EarthBorn website www.earthbornpaints.co.uk.

Brush Mate is a trading division of Gordon Products Ltd.. Since its establishment in 1965, Gordon Products Ltd. has developed and manufactured metal and wire products for numerous industries for use both within the UK and abroad. The products it manufactures for the UK painting and decorating market are sold exclusively under its Brush Mate brand. For more information on Gordon Products Ltd visit www.gordonproducts.co.uk

Brush Mate is proud of its reputation in the market place and the strong customer loyalty to the brand. Therefore a commitment to customer satisfaction always remains central to the Brush Mate philosophy. From shopfloor to management, the company takes pride in its responsive, reliable service and attention to detail..

To meet ever increasing demand the Brush Mate division of Gordon Products Ltd has recently moved to new, larger premises.