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From small beginnings

Since Purdy’s beginnings in a small garage in Portland, Oregon in 1925, the art of making premium painting tools has always been at the heart of the Purdy success story. Purdy remains committed to creating the best in painting experiences.

Creating the Exceptional Painting Experience

Creating the Exceptional Painting Experience starts the moment someone thinks … a fresh coat of paint or stain would really perk this place up … or it may begin with color selection for a new home or business. From that moment on, we want every step in the process to be exceptional—from preparation to painting to loving the results.

During the preparation process we want to make it easy to:

  • Select the proper paint applicators
  • Gather all the potential tools you’ll need to paint
  • Find a convenient paint applicator dealer
  • Receive the proper training to get the most out of your applicators
  • Properly prep the surface to be painted

While painting, we want to make “cutting in” – painting along a borderline, such as where a wall meets the ceiling or at the edge of woodwork where it meets the wall – as neat and easy as possible. We want the paint or coating to flow smoothly and easily and we want you to achieve the finish you desire.

After painting is completed, we want it to make it easy to:

  • Clean your brushes and roller covers
  • Store your brushes and roller covers so they are ready when you need them again
  • Touch up and maintain your paint job, if needed

Most importantly, we want you to feel that intense satisfaction each and every time you look at the finished product. We want you to love our paint applicators so much that professional painters and do-it-yourselves will use Purdy again and again … and tell everyone they know about their “Exceptional Painting Experience”.