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What is it?

So much more than a standard range of masonry paints, Sandtex Trade is a complete and comprehensive exterior system providing everything the professional decorator needs to correctly prepare, decorate, protect and maintain all types of exterior substrates.

Why choose a ‘system approach’?

The breadth of our range, and the speciality of products within it, means that a specific combination of coatings and ancillary products can always be selected to deliver excellent long-lasting results on every project. These are totally compatible products, specifically formulated to work in combination for maximum durability and performance. The system required for each project will be determined by the type and condition of the substrate, the prevailing climatic conditions and the physical location of the building, in addition to the desired aesthetic appearance.

Why use Sandtex Trade?

Every single Sandtex Trade product has been formulated for use by experienced tradespeople who stake their reputations and livelihoods on the quality and the longevity of their finished work and the products they use. You can be confident that the application characteristics of every Sandtex Trade product are precisely in line with professional demands and expectations. A great amount of research and development underpins this system and we are continually striving to ensure the best possible coating structure, the lowest spatter characteristics, the most efficient spreading and maximum obliteration without compromising overall durability.

As you will see as you explore this website, the Sandtex Trade system includes advanced market leading products which leave the competition standing.

Why would you want to use anything else?