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Ever since it was established, Toupret’s industrial and commercial activities have been based on its know-how in preparing surfaces (walls and ceilings) and in decorative interior fillers.

Today, Toupret is a well known brand on the market due to its comprehensive range of technical products. All are of excellent quality and aimed at both professionals (in new build or renovation) and the DIY market. In France, Toupret occupies a leading market position on both professional and DIY markets.

With our expertise to rely on, we have an overriding ambition to supply all the products our customers need to prepare interior and exterior surfaces before they add a decorative finish.

Developments in the market, our reputation and image are all reasons that lie behind our diversification into decorative fillers.

The company has implemented an innovative sales and marketing strategy to ensure it retains a permanent leadership position and can shake up the market.