Decor8 Northern are proud to announce that they now stock a substantial range of Mythic Paints.

Mythic Paint is a zero-VOC, Zero-carcinogenic, premium quality line of latex paints. Mythic provides and requires a Zero-VOC colorant system that maintains zero-VOCs and provides bright and beautiful colors.

Mythic Paint is highly breathable/permeable. The products are rated between 45-80 in the permeability rating and therefore not classed as a vapour retarder.

Mythic’s genius paint technology was developed in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi, a national leader in Polymer Science. It took them six years and a lot of money contributed by the University and various government grants, but they finally came up with Mythic’s proprietary paint technology.

Mythic paint products cover approximately 32-37m2 per 3.79L (350-400 square feet per US gallon). Porous or textured surfaces may require more paint than previously suggested. The wall should be primed using primer product recommended for the substrate. Our paint typically covers with one coat, but if you are using a dark color we recommend two coats. For premium performance apply two coats.

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